Patrol Division


The men and women of the Patrol Operations Division, commanded by Captain Andrew Staggs, perform the most visible and recognized functions of the Nicholasville Police Department. We are the ones that respond to citizens’ needs. We are seen on the streets behind the wheel of a police car, looking for a lost child, comforting the victim of a crime, or arresting an intoxicated driver.

Our officers serve the approximate 32,000 citizens who reside in an expanse of 13 square miles that is known as Nicholasville, as well our many visitors who travel to our city daily for work and recreational purposes.

The patrol function includes the responsibility for responding to requests for emergency and non-emergency police service, offender apprehension, deterrence of crime, initial investigation, evidence gathering, and maintenance of order within our community. Additional responsibilities of Patrol are responding to vehicular collisions, maintaining proper traffic control and flow throughout the city, and the issuance of traffic violation citations to encourage compliance with existing traffic laws or ordinances.

The men and women of Patrol Operations are the “backbone” of the organization and are our front-line ambassadors. The quality of life experienced in Nicholasville can be greatly attributed to the service provided by these men and women. They share a commitment to a 24-hour, seven days a week (holidays included), 365 days a year endeavor to ensure that citizens can live and work here safely.

The Patrol Division is broken up into four squads.  Each squad has a Lieutenant and a Sergeant.  They supervise the rest of the police officers on the squad.  The hours for the squads are 6a-6p and 6p-6a.  They work a 2-2-3 schedule (i.e. two-week rotation – two on, two off, three on, two off, two on, three off).

For operational purposes, the City is divided into three patrol sectors using both geographical and man-made boundaries combined with the volume of calls for service. While each sector has unique law enforcement challenges, all of Nicholasville continues to experience rapid growth that requires the department to constantly reevaluate the way it protects the city.

Captain Andrew Staggs – Patrol Division Commander

859-887-9467 ext. 0503