Code Enforcement

In Code Enforcement our mission is to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for our community. We are a division of the Nicholasville Police Department.  We take great pride in providing traffic control for our school system, providing funeral escorts, assisting with stranded motorists, and assisting with traffic accident scenes when needed. We enforce the City ordinances put into place by the Mayor and City Commissioners. Some ordinances we deal with on a regular basis are tall grass, junk and debris, mandatory garbage service, property maintenance, and abandoned properties.

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Also, within the Code Enforcement Division, is the Alcoholic Beverage Control investigator. SGT Jason Porch assists citizens and businesses with processing ABC licenses within the City of Nicholasville. Investigators conduct random inspections of local establishments to make sure they are compliant as well as assisting the tax office in collecting regulatory fees every quarter.

Code Enforcement Personnel

Sergeant Jason Porch – Code Enforcement Division Supervisor

Sandy Horton Code Enforcement Coordinator

Tiffany Epley – Code Enforcement Investigator

Samantha Hager – Code Enforcement Investigator

Carla Humphrey – Code Enforcement Investigator

Alex King – Code Enforcement Investigator

Mark Stewart – Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does grass have to get before it becomes a violation of the ordinances?

Per city ordinance 11-2, the growth of weeds and grass over eight (8) inches is a violation.

I just moved to Nicholasville, do I need garbage service?

Yes, per city ordinance 18-2, all residents of Nicholasville must maintain garbage service at their property.

What is the ordinance for tree limbs/bushes blocking sidewalks/roadways?

City ordinance11-2 (c) states all tree limbs and bushes must be kept cut back as to not impede the use of the sidewalk and/or roadways. They cannot block street signs as well.

What is the ordinance for a vehicle parked on the street with flat tires and expired tags?

City ordinance 22-66, states vehicles cannot park on the city street without proper registration and are currently in running condition. They will be tagged and possibly towed if not removed from the city street after the 72-hour time limit.

How many days do I have if my vehicle is tagged on the city street?

If your vehicle is tagged, you have 72 hours from the date and time written on the tag to remove it from the city street.

Why did I receive an orange door hanger about a possible violation, is there a case on my property now?

The Code Enforcement Department implemented a new process with orange hangers. They just serve as a warning of a possible violation that can result in a case. If the violation is corrected, no further action will be taken. If the violation is not corrected in the three (3) day time frame, a case will be generated.

Can I park my motorcycle/vehicle on the sidewalk in front of my house?

Per city ordinance 11-5, you cannot block the sidewalk with a motorized vehicle.

When will the city come and repair my sidewalk?

City ordinance 19-6 states, owners of the property that front the sidewalk, are to repair and maintain the sidewalk.

Where can I put my yard sale signs for advertisement?

City ordinance 19-10, states yard sale signs are not allowed between the outer edges of the sidewalk to the curb of the property (public rights-of-way). They cannot be attached to any public property (i.e.  Stop signs and/or utility poles).

I received a handicapped parking ticket, but I have a handicapped placard, what do I do?

Bring your placard to City Hall 517 North Main Street, Nicholasville, KY 40356. We will void the ticket with proof of a valid placard.

My neighbor’s pool is green and stagnant.

What is the requirement for maintaining a pool within the city?  Per city Ordinance 11-3 (b) all swimming pools within city limits must be in working condition between May 1st to October 1st. Draining of pools shall not interfere with persons living within the neighborhood or cause alarm to neighbors. During the time from October 2 through April 31, all pools should be covered or dismantled.