The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the intake and preservation of evidence and other property collected by officers of the Nicholasville Police Department.

How to Claim Your Property

  • Property seized as “evidence” in a criminal investigation requires a court order or authorization from the case officer/investigator for the release. Defendants must have their attorney navigate this process.
  • Property collected as “found property” can be claimed without case officer authorization if owner information was provided by the collecting officer.
  • Proof of ownership may be required.
  • It is recommended to have the police report number available to expedite inquiries and releases.
  • An appointment is required. To schedule please call 859-885-9467.
  • Government-issued photo identification is required at the time of release (driver’s license, state-issued ID card, and jail inmate ID bracelet are acceptable).
  • A background check will be done on any person claiming a firearm. Firearms cannot be released to ineligible persons under the restrictions of United States Code Title 18.
  • Property held in excess of 90 days after the owner/claimant has been notified that it is available for release will be treated as unclaimed/abandoned and will be disposed of.

Evidence / Property Section Personnel

Officer Gary Resor – Property / Evidence Clerk