What are your hours of business?

Our office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  You can reach an officer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by contacting Central Dispatch at 859-887-5447.

How much does a report cost and when is it available?

Collision reports cost $5.00 if picked up at the police department or $10.00 online.  Crime reports are $1.00.  You can pick up a report during normal business hours at the front lobby of the police department or request a copy of your collision report online at www.buycrash.com.  You will need the card the officer handed you with the report number to request the report online.  A photo identification is required to pick a report up from the police department.  We only accept cash or check.

My car was towed.  Where is it and what are the fees associated with the impound?

The Nicholasville Police Department utilizes David’s Towing located at 160 Wilson Court for its towing needs.  They can be contacted at 859-881-4957 (881-help).  Please contact David’s Towing regarding requirements and fees to retrieve your vehicle.

How do I file an Open Records Request?

You may fill out our Open Records Request form, found here.

You can mail the form to Nicholasville Police Department, Records Division, 717 North Main Street, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356 or email it to OpenRecords-Police@nicholasville.org.  You may also drop it off in person.  By statute, the agency has 5 business days to send a response to your request.  Cases that are still considered active (have not reached final disposition in court or are currently being investigated) will not be released per KRS 17.150 and Kentucky Attorney General Opinion 18-ORD-043.  Personal information and juvenile information will also be redacted from records.  We charge $0.10 a page and $0.50 for DVDs.

Do you offer fingerprinting services?

The State of Kentucky now requires all fingerprinting to be completed Electronically through regional IdentoGo locations.  We understand that some circumstances (such as out-of-state fingerprinting) may not provide for an electronic option and we can handle those on a case-by-case basis.  If you have questions, please call and speak with a staff member.

Where and when can I drop off my old prescription medicines to destroy?

Our agency has a drop box in the lobby of the police department for your convenience.  The lobby is open during regular business hours.  We do not accept syringes or liquids.

Can I do a ride-a-long with an officer?

Due to COVID-19, you must request your ride-a-long with an officer whom you know or have had contact with.  If that officer is willing to have you ride with them, then they will have you fill out an application and submit it to Captain Andrew Staggs for review.  A background check will be conducted prior to the approval of your ride-a-long.  Click here for the application.

What is the phone number and email address for drug tips?

Ph. 859-881-5082  /  drugtip@nicholasville.org

Where do I get my yard sale permit?

City Hall issues yard sale permits.  They are located at 517 North Main Street.