Record’s Division

The Nicholasville Police Department’s Records Division is responsible for the processing, retention, and safekeeping of all reports generated by the staff of the Nicholasville Police Department.  Records are disposed of according to the Kentucky Library and Archives Retention Schedule.

Reports may be obtained either online or at the police department.  You must present a valid ID to obtain a report.  Collision reports are only available to parties who were involved in the collision, owners of vehicles involved, insurance companies, and attorneys representing persons involved in the collision.

Report Costs

Criminal Reports – $1.00 (This includes only the first 2 pages of the report; more info below)

Collision Reports – $5.00 when requested at the Police Department; $10.00 when requested online at

Open Records Requests – Our agency charges $0.10 per page and $0.50 per CD/DVD for open records.  You must file an open records request to obtain a full copy of a criminal case.  These cases can only be released under open records if the investigation is completed.  Collision Reports are exempt from open records. Link to request page:


The following PDF forms can be filled out online and printed/saved. After the form is completed, print and deliver it to our office or save it and email it to us.


Ms. Carmen Miracle – Police Clerk Typist II

Ms. Emma Cox – Police Clerk Typist I

Ms. Julia Simpson – Police Bookkeeper