Collision Reconstruction Team

The Collision Reconstruction Team exists to technically investigate motor vehicle collisions and document evidence at crime scenes.  The investigations often involve fatal/serious injury motor vehicle collisions with a criminal element and homicide investigations. The members of the Unit receive specialized training in the field of Collision Reconstruction to establish technical excellence and are often called upon to provide expert testimony in the courtroom.  The training includes heavy emphases on evidence documentation, mathematics, and physics.

The excellence of the program is maintained through relevant training to keep pace with advancing technology (e.g. vehicle event data recorders, 3-D scanner, total station) and to ensure the current and future success of the program.  Quality control and quality assurance are accomplished by a unique and rigorous ‘peer review process through which the work product of the Unit is vetted case by case utilizing the Unit’s more highly trained and experienced members.

Collision Reconstruction Team Personnel

Captain Alexus Jones

Sergeant Mathew Rue

Officer Anthony Ruggiero

Officer Weston Kemp

Officer Zachary Lawson

Officer Christopher Toombs

Officer Christopher Tune

Officer Samuel Wade